Tim Wise

Tim Wise is the Managing Director and Founder of Tight Lines Consulting and Coaching. 

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Supply Chain Expertise

Having held senior-level positions with Hewlett Packard, Seagate, and a few smaller, privately held companies, Tim has tackled just about every supply chain scenario there is. After a long career toting the corporate card, Tim decided to take his experience and expertise to establish a supply chain consulting company focused not only on transforming supply chains, but also transforming supply chain teams.

Today, as a supply chain and operations expert with deep financial acumen, Tim helps small- to medium-sized businesses improve cash flow and lower costs by re-engineering current supply chain networks and processes.

Tim is passionate about high performing teams, cross-functional process excellence, cost reduction, network design, inventory management, risk management, financial performance, and planning systems and process.

His work not only focuses on not only hitting key supply chain metrics, but doing it with excellent cross-functional teamwork, aligned objectives, and having fun in the process. 

With over 25 years of experience managing and re-engineering international supply chains for large Fortune 100 companies and several privately held companies, there is not a business scenario or supply chain challenge Tim has not seen and solved:

  • Excess Inventory

    A painful and costly experience for any business.

  • Inventory Shortages

    Demand variability leading to stock outs and disappointed customers is frustrating.

  • 3PL for Warehouse Management and Logistics Support

    Sometimes getting an expert to provide the services your business cannot afford to develop can be an excellent strategy.

  • Outsourced Manufacturing

    Contract manufacturers can create tremendous value but do not underestimate your role in ensuring success.

  • Cost of Goods Sold Analysis

    Direct material costs are typically a focus area, but millions of dollars can be impacted by logistics, inventory de-valuation, and other costs necessary to serve your customers.

  • Planning Systems and Tools

    This is likely the most underrated process in your business.

  • ERP Implementations

    While these can be tricky and complex, the right project scope, management, and clear process requirements can make your implementation a success.


Tim is a supply chain ninja who not only knows supply chain and operations but also performs pinpoint financial analysis that leads to improved profitability for your business.

Tim holds an MBA from the University of Arizona, with a BS in Accounting/Finance from East Central Oklahoma State University. Tim has been married 32 years, raised four children, and resides in Colorado where he loves to fly fish his favorite rivers.