Improving the Bottom Line

Supply Chain Assessment

Your supply chain is a system – influenced by many factors across your business.  Finding the root cause of uncompetitive supply chain costs can highlight misalignment across key cross functional processes and goals.

A Few Examples of Supply Chain Challenges

Too much or too little inventory can be rooted in poor demand forecasting, but also poor inventory management strategies or even bad warehouse management practices.

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IT systems inability to mirror the actual activity and movement of inventory in your supply chain can create inventory variances and poor supply information for managing fulfillment processes, not to mention create reporting compliance issues with your finance team.

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Your product design process and bill of materials management can have downstream impacts on your planning, procurement and manufacturing processes.

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Understanding your current cross functional business processes, identifying the gaps and creating a roadmap to lowering your supply chain costs is what we specialize in at Tight Lines Consulting.

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Too much Inventory – we can identify your key inventory drivers and course correction to align your inventory and working capital goals.

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Too little inventory creating customer service challenges – we can help you set a supply chain strategy that meets your working capital goals for inventory, but also allows you capitalize on growth opportunities.

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Procurement strategies that leave you with long lead-times or single sourced suppliers can create cost risk and lower your service levels.  We can help create a sourcing strategy to reduce your risk, increase flexibility and lower your procurement costs.

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Order fulfillment challenges – there is nothing worse than missing revenue opportunities due to poor fulfillment processes and strategies.  We can help identify the root causes of poor fulfillment metrics, set the right fulfillment goals and identify immediate process changes to improve performance immediately.

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The Guidance You Need

Our Supply Chain Assessment services can provide you a comprehensive review of all the areas below or a deep dive a la carte approach:

  • What inventory levels should your business be holding to support your business and cost goals?  
  • What needs re-engineering and how can programs like VMI support your business? 
  • Where should your inventory be deployed? 
  •  Inventory control processes – is your warehouse supporting your inventory moves and transactions.
  • How accurate is your IT system to actuals?  
  • Postponement strategies and much more.

We help you determine your efficient frontier that defines your trade-off between inventory and service levels.

Document ERP system processes and gaps in managing your balance sheet for inventory integrity, order fulfillment challenges and overall business management effectiveness.

Document your supply chain network to identify risk management gaps and weaknesses.  Inventory costs, order fulfillment and working capital metrics can be benchmarked to measure industry competitiveness.

We help you address multiple facets of your supply chain design and operations, including planning, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, product portfolio and your manufacturing network.

Complete mapping and review of Demand and Supply Planning processes and tools, including SO&P analysis.  These processes drive your procurement, inventory liability, flexibility plans, capacity assumptions and overall ability to service your customers.

We can provide templates and governing principles to set up a cohesive SO&P process to support your sales and operational goals.

Evaluate procurement strategy, lead-times, MOQ’s and sourcing risks and opportunities.

Complete assessment of your supply chain organization, skills, gaps, training recommendations and overall strategies to create a high performing team.

All assessments come with a prioritized set of recommendations and a roadmap that will meet your supply chain and business goals.

High level implementation and project plans can also be available to prioritize your next supply chain investments.

Get Started Today

The investment for a Supply Chain Assessment can range from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on scope of the project and the focus areas identified.

Schedule a no-cost Supply Chain Strategy Session.

This is a complimentary session to clarify your most pressing challenges and prioritize your goals.