Supplier Management – Key to a Resilient Supply Chain

By Tim Wise / July 31, 2023 /

Over the course of the year, I have been focused on these 3 Capabilities you need in 2023 to not only manage your supply chain but create supply chain resiliency.Supplier Management Program – (Topic for today)PlanningInventory Management – (Find my detailed article here on my blog)Find that complete article on Capabilities in 2023 here on…

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Demystifying Inventory Management

By Tim Wise / April 3, 2023 /

3 Processes to Nail for Sound Inventory Management Keep Calm and Call the Supply Chain Guy! Inventory, inventory, inventory – Do I have too much?  Do I have too little?  Do I have the inbound supply to support my manufacturing plans? These are the questions you usually think of when discussing inventory management, very…

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Got Inventory?

By Tim Wise / February 28, 2023 /

Ten Ideas for moving excess inventory now!  Tight Lines Edge Inventory, Inventory, Inventory – Asset or Liability? Both – right – need inventory to satisfy customers, but too much and no home – inventory becomes a liability. A lot of companies will financially write-off inventory – taking a P&L hit once that inventory is deemed…

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Why Can’t You Balance Demand and Supply?

By Tim Wise / February 1, 2023 /

Tight Lines Edge – The Essence of Supply Chain Management The essence of Supply Chain management is to balance or match supply with demand at the most economical cost to ensure the right service level for customers.  Note I did not say lowest cost – we can discuss it later, but we all know there…

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green cargo ship on body of water

3 Supply Chain Capabilities to Address in 2023

By Tim Wise / January 4, 2023 /

Improve Performance – Create Resiliency – Lower Costs Welcome to 2023! With the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and subsequent havoc it created for many companies and the lingering impacts, there continues to be a need to get back to the basics of supply chain management. Most of the pandemic issues were not your…

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